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Epoxy Classes
January 21, 2021 at 2:13 AM
by Cortland Stone Design Countertops & Flooring

So you've thought about trying your hand at epoxy countertops, tabletops or art?

First, no, we did not do the above vanity top. We don't know who did, but it was done by someone who was neither trained nor experienced. It's not their fault. Indepth training for epoxy isn't plentiful. But because of a lack of training and experience, there are design issues, that sink (and the toilet seat lid) have epoxy on them, and the sink is now permanently adhered to the vainty top. All things that could have been avoided with our EPOXY FUNDAMENTALS class.

A successful epoxy project is much more than buying some epoxy from Amazon or somewhere else online and pouring it. And no matter how many online videos you watch, or how easy they tell you it is, none of them prepare you for all that is really involved in working with epoxy.

Let's start with the most obvious "pro" of DIY epoxy countertops: It's less expensive than having it done by a professional epoxy countertop company. It's even less expensive than natural stone or quartz. You decide the pattern and colors. And a lot of people enjoy doing their own work on their homes.

The online videos make it look sooo easy! Just mix, pour and pefection!

What they don't make clear is: 1) the videos are edited 2) those making the videos are professionals with a lot of practice and experience 3) the videos are shot in rooms that are set up for epoxy work in advance, whether it's an actual workshop, a staged kitchen, or a kitchen that has been selected because it will be easy to work in and a team has gone into before hand to prep and 4) it's usually not just one guy doing it, but rather two, three or four people, in front of the camera and behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly (and if it doesn't - "Edit!")

The TRUTH about Epoxy? You can create a beautiful countertop or vanity top with it that will last a long time.

The hard TRUTH about Epoxy? It is sticky. It is messy. It can destroy your cabinets, appliances, flooring and clothing. It is a material that is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. Mixed incorrectly, your project will be full of air bubbles or patches that will not cure.

And it takes practice.

Our epoxy is hypoallergenic, nonporous, 0 VOCs, no toxins, food safe, stain, scratch and heat resistant, UV resistant, has virtually no odor and is crystal clear (until pigmented).

Quality epoxy is expensive. A quality epoxy levels thicker than a cheaper brand. They all advertise 24 - 40 sq ft of coverage, but in practice, the average user gets less coverage, due both to experience and process. A high quality epoxy runs about $100.00 (or more) per gallon (and not all that cost $100.00 or more per gallon are high quality!).

The last thing you want to do is spend $300.00 - $1000.00 or more on epoxy, make a mistake that could have been prevented if you'd have just had the knowledge, skill and experience, and have to spend another $300.00 - $1000.00 doing it again (plus what you'll spend to prep your project to reapply new epoxy).

Even professionals, when starting out, have to do their first countertops more than once (sometimes more than twice!)

How do I know? Here is my experience learning to work with Epoxy.

If this all sounds too daunting, Cortland Stone Design will happily do the work for you and create a custom countertop with your choice of design and colors, without all the hassel and for less than a quality quartz or natural stone countertop would cost.

But if the truth hasn't scared you away, and you'd still like to try your hand at doing your own countertops (or other project) - and you're willing to put in the time to learn how to do it right - then these classes are for you.

These classes will save you time and money, not to mention a lot of frustration.

We have designed this workshop to cover every aspect of learning to work with epoxy, step by step, from start to finished project, so when you are ready to tackle that epoxy project you've been dreaming about, you'll be prepared. And being prepared means a better chance at success.

Why should you take our EPOXY FUNDAMENTALS class?

- The #1 reason is to gain the knowledge and experience to do your project right the first time (saving you time and money). It is a small investment in training for success. This epoxy class costs less than it will cost you to have to do a project a second (or third!) time because you didn't have the fundamental knowledge, experience and skill the class provides.

- We not only provide the training, but we provide all the epoxy, pigments and other materials you'll need in the class for one price.

We want you to be successful when using our products!

- Upon completion of the workshop, you can order your epoxy for your project(s) at a 20% discount.

- If you purchase your epoxy from us and have taken the class, you can call us with any questions. We even have a program to help you do a small project, or assist you on a large project!

- If you've considered doing epoxy for others to earn an income, our 3 classes are part of the certification program (professional installers who have completed certification receive discounts on epoxy and supplies, a protected service area, referrals when our schedule is full and receive business training to help you sell, bid and market your services)

As you will see by the descriptions below, we're ready to help you every step of the way where you feel you need the help.


CLASS 1: EPOXY FUNDAMENTALS: Approx 8 hours to complete.

All epoxy, pigments and other materials required for the class are included in the cost.

Cortland, OH
March 20 - 21, 2021

All epoxy, pigments and other materials required for the 2 day session are included in the class fee (just bring yourself and your mask!)

You'll learn:

- Step by step, from beginning to completed project

- The differences in the various epoxies on the market, and how to know the epoxy you're using is safe and the right quality for the project you're doing.

- The proper way to prep your work area to minimize/eliminate dust, hair and other debris from your project

- How to prep your substrate for the best adhesion and finished appearance

- Several masking techniques to prevent damage to floors, cabinets, appliances and your project

- How to mix your epoxy properly to minimize air bubbles, fish eyes, runs, thin spots, etc

- How to assure a hard cure

- Various application techniques that will prevent costly mistakes

- Basics on depth and 3D effects in your design

- And lots of tips to make your epoxy project(s) as stress free and successful as possible.

We will create 5 design boards to give you a feel for working with the epoxy, as well as give you basic design experience so when the time comes to do your project, you'll be ready.

After the class, you'll be able to purchase additional epoxy from us for 20% off so you have a quality epoxy to use for your project.


Saturday March 20, 2021: 2pm - 5pm
Sunday March 21, 2021: 2pm - 5pm

+ 2-4 hours before and after the class

We observe social distancing. Therefore size of the class will be limited (if registration information is still showing below, there is still room in the class :) )


CLASS 2 & 3: ADVANCED EPOXY DESIGN I and II: Approx 6-8 hours each.




Epoxy Fundamentals:

We provide you with all the epoxy + pigments needed for 5 design boards + all the other materials you need, including gloves, mixing containers, mixing sticks, alcohol, temp gun, paper towels, torch, etc.

$499.00 (regular price: $599.00)

Due to Covid, we ask attendees to please bring a mask or faceshield with you.

Payments accepted: Zelle or PayPal (coming soon: Sezzle), check or money order. 

If registration information is still showing (below), we still have room in the class. You can also call us to verify we still have room in the class before registering.

To register/purchase your EPOXY FUNDAMENTALS class

Please send $499.00 via PayPal
Zelle your $499.00 payment to 330-219-5607. (The Zelle account is registered to "Lori" because our business's bank does not use Zelle). If you're unfamiliar with Zelle, it's a fabulous tool available from many banks and it's FREE. It allows you to INSTANTLY send payments directly from your bank account, without giving your bank account information out to the person you're sending money to. Check your bank app or call your bank to see if they have Zelle. (You'll love it)

If you would like to pay by check or money order, email us at for instructions

Once you have paid, please text us at 330-219-5607 with your Name, amount paid and email address so we can stay in contact with you (and so we can match your payment to you!) and send you further information for the class.

If you are coming from out of town and will need hotel accomodations, we'll be happy to recommend a local hotel or B&B.