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High Quality
Affordable Pricing

Simple, straightforward pricing
Quality + Affordability

We offer affordable Countertop solutions.

We use only the highest quality professional grade epoxy, specically made for your kitchen

- Certified Food Safe
- Heat Resistant up to 500 Degrees
- Non-Porous
- Antibacterial
- Stronger than Concrete
- Never Needs Sealing
- Easy to Clean (water or Windex)

We can create countertops with no seams, high gloss or matte finish, rounded upper and lower edges, faux stone edging.

We have many designs we've created that we can replicate on your countertops in your choice of colors, or we can create a custom design using custom colors just for you.

Our pricing is based on how many layers are necessary to create the design and how much time a design takes. More layers = more materials and more time to create.

What's the difference in a single layer design and a double layer design? The more layering we do with a design, the more depth and 3D effects we can achieve. There's no difference in quality. It's all about the look you want.

Single Layer Design ("Krista" - Classic Marble)

Double Layer Design ("Lorie" - Blurred Marble)

We cannot compete with the "in stock" laminate in the big box stores, but if you wanted an old school laminate, you probably wouldn't be here ;)

We cannot compete with the DIY epoxy companies' prices. We use a high quality professional grade epoxy. There is a big difference in quality and results between DIY and professional grade epoxy applied by a professional epoxy artist.

But if you're looking for a high quality countertop that's fully customizable in design and colors, and want to save a little money, too? Epoxy is the right choice. Read about Epoxy vs Natural Stone or Quartz here

Because our countertops are comparable to quartz (quartz = resin + crushed quartz for color and design, epoxy = resin + pigments and artwork for color and design), our pricing for a single layer design (example: Classic Marble "Krista") is about the same price as a decent quality quartz.

A good quartz starts at around $60.00 per square foot. A high quality quartz with a lovely/colorful design can run as high as $180.00 or more per square foot.

Our epoxy work ranges from $25.00 - $130.00 per square foot, depending on design and how many layers.

We also offer short term financing and accept credit cards.

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