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After completing the EPOXY FUNDAMENTALS class, we'll hold this small project class in April. You can come to our workshop and bring a small project with you. You'll be able to use our tables, lights, temp guns and pay for whatever materials you use during the class. Small Projects can be anything up to 12 sq ft that you can carry in and that will fit within an approximate 7'x 30" space (more space may be available, ask us in advance and we'll try to work something out, depending on the size of your project).

The purpose of this class is to get your feet wet on a real project, larger than a design board but manageable, using what you've learned in the previous class. And we'll be there to guide you along, answer any questions and make suggestions. This class is approximately 4-5 hours. The cost of this class includes 1 gal resin + 1 gal hardener (if you need more epoxy for your project, it will be available for 20% off retail). Pigments will also be available to purchase. You pay for what you use.

You can also purchase gloves, alcohol, stir sticks, mixing buckets, tape (or you can bring your own) and for no additional cost, you can use our torch, heat gun and temp gun, mixing table, work station and tarps. Small project suggestions: desk top, vanity top, small tabletop, etc.

You can leave your small project in our workshop for 24 - 48 hours to cure before picking it up.