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Why Cortland Stone Design
Countertops & Flooring?

Why CSD?
Quality and Value
are our first priority!

There are a lot of epoxies on the market, and there's been a sudden surge in people advertising that they do epoxy coatings on countertops.

Things to consider before choosing a company to do your countertops:

1) Does the company use a professional grade epoxy and other materials?

If not, the epoxy could be unsafe for food contact (some people believe all cured epoxy is safe to come into contact with food, and that's not true). If it contains VOCs and toxins, BPAs and other carcinogens, prolonged contact with food is risky.

Not all epoxies are *high* heat resistant. Our epoxy is heat resistant up to 500 degrees (and can be made resistant up to 800 degrees). Many epoxies are only heat resistant to 125 - 150 degrees.

Many epoxies sold on the market have strong and umpleasant odors. Our epoxy is virtually odorless.

Some people are sensitive to epoxy or have allergic reactions to it. Our epoxy is hypoallergenic.

Not all epoxies cure to the same hardness. We've spoken to people who have had their countertops refinished with epoxy and months later, it is still easily scratched. Our epoxy cures to a nice, extremely hard finish that is scratch resistant.

Not all pigments have the same vibrance. Our pigments give a strong, vivid color.

Many epoxies yellow over time. Our epoxy is UV resistant.

Professional Grade epoxy is expensive. You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. And while it is possible to get an epoxy countertop for less than natural stone or even quartz, you will not be able to get quality professional grade materials and workmanship at big box store laminate prices, simply because professional grade materials alone cost more than that.

That said, at Cortland Stone Design we try to balance value and price, so our clients receive a high quality product for a great price.

2) Who is doing the epoxy work? Is it a professional, or someone using epoxy as a part time side gig? It matters! You'll notice the difference in workmanship and quality.

Epoxy is a difficult material to work with. It takes training and a lot of practice to do properly.

Epoxy artistry is literally artwork, without second chances. So when you ask for marble and you get zebra stripes, or you ask for a stone look and you get heavy lines that bear no resemblance to stone, or you ask for something abstract and it looks more like a preschooler's finger painting, you are not dealing with an epoxy "artist".

Marble look countertop by another epoxy company...

Marble look countertop by Cortland Stone Design...

Then there's the quality of thework to consider. If epoxy isn't mixed and applied correctly, you can end up with air bubbles everywhere, fish eyes, thin spots, runs, soft spots that never cure and other problems that, once the epoxy has set up, cannot be changed or undone.

Many so-called "professionals" in this business work out of a garage or other mixed use space. As a result, their customers have found bugs, hair and dirt cured in the epoxy.

The worst is when an epoxy company doesn't stand behind the quality of their work.

At Cortland Stone Design Countertops & Flooring:

- We use only the finest PROFESSIONAL quality, certified food safe, high heat resistant, hypoallergenic, non-porous, antibacterial, NO VOCs or toxins, UV resistant, stain and scratch resistant epoxy

- Our designs are created by an epoxy artist

- We have a definitive process that assures our epoxy is properly mixed and applied so you receive a professional quality product

- Our workshop is only used for our epoxy work and we take every precaution to assure there is no dirt or other debris in the finished product.

- We stand behind our work. We create the design you decide on, using the colors you specify (you see the design on our design boards beforehand), you're guaranteed to get a hard surface that cures completely, and if we make a mistake, we'll fix it.

- Our goal is to provide you with beautiful high quality work at an affordable price. We want you to be happy for many years with your purchase. And we work hard to earn your business and an excellent reputation.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for an estimate on a new countertop, vanity top, tabletop, bar top, shower surround or flooring. We'll bring our design boards to you so you can see the designs and colors in the room where the work will be done. Then you decide what design and colors and we'll do the rest.

Contact us for a no cost consultation