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Features & Benefits

of professional grade Epoxy for countertops and flooring


What Is Epoxy?

The short version:
Epoxy is resin mixed with hardener. It begins as a liquid, and quickly begins to cure to form an extremely hard surface.


- Professional Grade (not all epoxies are created equal!)

- Stain, Scratch and Heat Resistant (up to 500 degrees)

- Stronger than cement (5x)

- Non-porous

- Antibacterial

- 0 VOCs

- Hypoallergenic

- Certified Food Safe

How Are Epoxy Countertops Made?

To create Epoxy countertops and flooring, an Epoxy craftsman/artist uses Epoxy and pigments to create a custom design or work of art. The design can mimic natural stone or quartz, or it can be another custom design to bring your decor and vision to life, giving you a unique and original centerpiece for any room.

In many cases, Epoxy can be applied over existing countertops. Or a new countertop can be built and the Epoxy applied over that substrate.

Why Choose Epoxy?

Compared to Quartz and Natural Stone:

- COST: Epoxy is less expensive overall. Some designs are even comparable to the cost of quality traditional laminate.

A quality Natural Stone ranges from approximately $100.00 - $250.00/sq ft (lower priced stone is usually softer and more porous than the quality grades)

A quality Quartz ranges from approximately $65.00 - $175.00+ /sq ft depending on design and colors.

Cortland Stone Design's finishes range from $30.00 - $130.00/sq ft, and price is determined by the number of layers used to create a design, how much pigment and intricacy of the artwork.

- DURABILITY: Our epoxy is heat, stain and scratch resistant. It is more durable than natural stone, and because quartz is made with resin, it is as comparable to quartz.

- COMPARED TO NATURAL STONE: Natural Stone is porous so it can stain easily, and therefore must be sealed regularly and special cleaners must be used. If Natural Stone stains, scratches or is damaged, the cost to renew it is expensive.

Epoxy is considered nonporous, so it is stain resistant. It never needs sealed, and you clean it with water or Windex. If your Epoxy countertops are damaged in some way, the cost to renew is comparably inexpensive. It is scratch resistant, but if your Epoxy countertops do get scratched or damaged in some way, minor scratches can often be buffed out or a new clearcoat can be applied for a full renewal.

- COMPARED TO QUARTZ: Both Epoxy and Quartz are stain, scratch and heat resistant. Both are easy to maintain (do not need sealing, polishing). Both are made with resin.

Where Epoxy wins over Quartz: you can clean Epoxy with just water or Windex, Epoxy is fully customizable and our countertops can be made without seams.

- CUSTOM: Natural Stone is limited by what is available. Quartz is mass-manufactured in a factory, so what you see is what you get.

CORTLAND STONE DESIGN COUNTERTOPS & FLOORING custom creates designs and uses colors specified by our clients, so each project is a truly unique work of art. Every project is customized to our client's vision.

So whether you want something traditional or something more dramatic, we can help you achieve what you want, with both quality and affordability.

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